There are so many experts out there telling us how to succeed, voices forming our opinions day by day about ourselves and others.  There are trainers and teachers and friends and parents, all telling us how to behave, what "good posture" is, what foods to eat to lose weight... there are so many voices it is sometimes impossible to hear the most important one -- yours!

A good friend from college has been working hard at being the best fitness expert and trainer that she can be and has become something of a star!  She has her pictures in national magazines and does show on television... Years of training as a dancer and then even more years working with all different types of people on how to get and stay fit.  If there is an expert she is undeniably one... And still it isn't for everyone.  Some people like running, others swimming, some people hike and others kick ass with my friend in NY.  Just like there is no one, right way to get and stay fit, there is no one right way to do ANY movement... There is only one expert in how you should move and that is you! But remember it takes years of dedicated practice to become an expert and it is never to late to start (or start again).

Some ideas for becoming an expert in yourself:
  • Get curious about how you do things, not so much about what you do...
  • Cultivate the feeling of ease and grace, even if it only a tiny feeling to start...
  • Spend some time imagining how you might act and then reality check it agains an actual attempt...



    Tim Wilson has years of movement training and specializes in working with athletes and anyone who suffers from chronic pain from mild to severe


    January 2015